Making your customer care more efficient

Investment in customers pays off quickly. Choose a solution that allows you to take care of your customers in a quality and efficient way.

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The future of customer care is automated, yet personalised

Relieve your customer care team from non-efficient and repeated activities. Give them space to achieve their targets, whether it be solving thousands of requests efficiently or increasing customer satisfaction.

Dedicate yourself to the customer, not operations

Integration of all data and customer interactions into a clearly arranged application makes building relationships significantly more efficient.

Build processes efficiently and reach the targets

Real-time reporting will show you the quality, performance, and utilization rate of your people. This way, you keep everything important under control.

Do not care for solutions, leave that up to us

We will analyse your needs and create a solution using tried and tested top class technologies. With local support and 24/7 monitoring.

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Why choose Alcasys?

Whether you be 5 or 500, we will help you

We will design a tailor-made solution, fix the areas where things do not go so smoothly

We will install the solution, test it, and guarantee 24/7 operations

We will train the team and give them tips & tricks to make their work more efficient

We will provide support in Slovak, Czech, and English

We will connect communication tools with internal systems

We will prepare action plans to increase efficiency

“Thanks to the solution from ALCASYS, our agents began to work more efficiently. Keeping the same number of agents on the customer support line, we are able to provide services to a higher number of customers.”

Ing. Branislav Horeháj

Ing. Branislav Horeháj
Chief Executive Officer HOUR

What reliable and efficient customer care looks like with the help of state-of-the-art technologies

A 360-degree customer view at one place

The customer wants to feel that they are talking to a person who knows them. To a person who knows why they called the last time. And they do not want to repeat the details, which they already submitted in a form on a website once. That is why you need to have this information immediately at hand.

The benefits you will get

A complete history of incoming and outgoing interactions (calls, emails, chats, …) with each customer.

While on call, the agent sees all requests of the customer, including those which have not been handled yet.

Integration with CRM, ERP, and other systems.

Analyses of conversation contents, or even emotions of customers.

Efficiency and a high standard of interaction processing within the context of customer history.

“Thanks to the transition to the Genesys – Alcatel-Lucent OXE platform and the integration of WebGAD with our CRM Workflow, the operators’ job has become much easier, which is going to ensure significantly shorter resolution times of client requests.”

Personalised approach with the support of technologies

You will be able to attend to the needs of your customers faster and in a higher standard. You will resolve more requests per hour while building personalized relationships at the same time. All of this thanks to automation.

The benefits you will get

The option of adding virtual colleagues – Chatbots and Voicebots to your customer care teams.

Artificial intelligence (AI) evaluates the customer´s request and gives them an answer, or redirects them to a competent person.

The combination of AI with a knowledge base and a CRM brings a quality, personalised customer care.

The Voicebot is also able to communicate with the customer using voice, thanks to the automated text to voice, voice to text conversion.

Biometric technologies are able to authenticate customer identity and discover fraudulent behaviour.

The option of proactively approaching the customer with a personalised offer.


“Thanks to Alcasys, we have built a modern Client Centre for general public as well as our own sales network. The centre is equipped with a state-of-the-art technology operating on the Genesys platform and supports all communication channels (voice, email, fax, SMS, web, answering machine). The system functionalities tailored to our needs enable us to ensure high levels of flexibility and security, increase availability, and accelerate the processing of incoming interactions.” 

Mgr. Katarína Májeková
​Head of Client Services Department

Mgr. Katarína Májeková

Head of Client Services Department

Mgr. Katarína Májeková
Head of Client Services Department

Dedicate your time to the customer, not to clicking

Request resolution time ranks among the most important customer satisfaction factors. Thanks to processing interactions from all channels in one application, you will be able to answer requests faster and in a higher standard.

The benefits you will get

One application for communication with customers, which anybody can master.

Instant access to communication and orders history.

Scripts, clues, and knowledge base at hand, helping you to resolve requests faster.

Artificial intelligence (AI) giving clues based on the context of the call and the history.

Pre-set reaction templates for the most frequent requests.

Topic-based automated evaluation and categorisation of conversations for future analyses.

Fungibility of team members thanks to shared information and know-how.

“Together with Alcasys, we were dealing with technological replacement of contact centre elements and implementation of new services such as outbound calls, email communication, chat, and integration of the contact centre with a CRM system. One of the challenges of the whole project was to connect the existing infrastructure with the new elements so that our day-to-day operations would not get affected. We managed this successfully and the whole transition to the new technology went smoothly and comfortably.”

 Richard Stránský
​Customer Centre Director

Measure, track, improve

Make your decisions based on facts, not feelings. In the reports, you will see why customers contact you the most often, how long it takes to resolve their requests as well as which team members work the most efficiently. Following trends, you will quickly be able to identify the opportunities to increase efficiency.

The benefits you will get

You can analyse records based on contents, topics as well as emotions.

A detailed, real-time view of the team’s utilisation.

Being able to evaluate the process change outcomes and improve over time.

The possibility of linking the collected data with your data storage or business intelligence solution.

24/7 monitoring enabling an instant solution of arising issues.

High security of customer data

Your customers’ data is always safe. We handle data in accordance with the valid legislation on personal data protection including GDPR.

100% availability and reliability

In case of failure, the solution automatically switches to a backup instance. And we are available on-call to eliminate the problem immediately.

Scalability and flexibility

We will adjust the solution according to your size. In the on-season, when you need a bigger one, we will expand it and everything will continue working without interrupting.

Let’s communicate

We will find solutions to support your strategic goals and achieve your vision.

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Understanding your needs, we design suitable solutions, bring them into life, and support you throughout the whole time of their being in use

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