The partners, thanks to whom we are able to supply top class solutions

We choose our technology partners, so that they would help our customers to communicate effectively and to reach their targets. We maintain long-term relationships with them, which you will benefit from too.

An enterprise solution for digital collaboration (voice, video, data). Cloud-based, on-premise, and hybrid too.

A leader in supplying solutions for voice communication in the workplace. We utilize their media gateways and network elements for voice communication in the IP environment.

Open and innovative solutions for a positive customer experience. Cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid too.

A solution that makes compliance and team work optimisation easy. We use their solutions for recording calls and for quality control.

A solution for corporate network security. Your data and communications will be safe.

A cloud solution for contact centres. Every year, Genesys handles more than 70 billion customer interactions for companies in more than 100 countries.

Solutions which enable maintenance of technological infrastructure thanks to the IoT technology.

Application for evaluating customer satisfaction directly in the signatures of agents or after closing a conversation.

A wide range of contact centre solutions, from IVR to AI chatbots.

Solutions for collaboration, cloud data warehousing, and internal team communications among other things.

Development of conversation solutions with artificial intelligence and connectivity to existing systems.

Customer experience solutions, which we use for screen and call recording for quality management in contact centres.

Advanced voice recognition and speech synthesis technologies. They include biometrics as well, enabling authentication of the caller ID.

A voice identity authentication and speech-to-talk solution. Based on voice, it enables to identify the demographic characteristics of the caller as well as their emotional state of mind.

A solution for call and screen recording in a contact centre. Provides possibilities for analysis and quality management. Guarantees a 100% safety and GDPR compliance.

A solution for collecting feedback to the quality of service provided. Enables to record and analyse customer feedback.

Voice analyses for contact centres. They automatically recognise the topic and evaluate the quality of calls.

A partner for automation of day-to-day processes in a contact centre. Helps agents to automatically find the documents required to resolve the request.

A supplier of solutions for corporate communications. From voice, through chat to contact centres.

A supplier of robust voice communication solutions, which are clear under all circumstances. We use these in solutions for “Mission Critical” systems in transport.

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