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Enterprise communication must be fast and reliable. Choose a solution with which you will easily communicate in the company.

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Unified company communications you can rely on

Increase the efficiency and availability of your team, whether it be in the office, in the field, or working from home. Get a communications solution which will increase productivity and save costs at the same time.

Availability and reliability

You need to be able to rely on internal communications. We monitor the systems 24/7 and solve any problems immediately.

High security

We will protect you from digital threats of the 21st century. Your systems and internal data are always going to be safe.

Scalability and flexibility

We will tailor the solution not just to your actual situation, but also to the future developments. Because a year later, your communication needs may look completely different.

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Why choose Alcasys?

Whether you be 5 or 500, we will help you

We will design a tailor-made solution, fix the areas where things do not go so smoothly

We will install the solution, test it, and guarantee 24/7 operations

We will train the team and give them tips & tricks to make their work more efficient

We will provide support in Slovak, Czech, and English

We will connect communication tools with internal systems

We will prepare actionable reports to increase efficiency

"When we decided to upgrade the obsolete data infrastructure, we were interested in the offer for a new infrastructure in the form of a SaaS service from ALCASYS. They quickly migrated our LAN network using modern data technologies from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Fortinet. We have entrusted the care of the LAN network to professionals who guarantee us high availability and security of our data. Our IT experts are not burdened with worries about the operation of the LAN infrastructure and can focus fully on our clients' projects. ”

Ing. Branislav Horeháj
Chief Executive Officer HOUR

What an efficient communications solution in a company looks like

A unified communications solution

Mobile as well as desktop communication, team chat, video conferences, or SMS messaging. File sharing, team collaboration, planning meetings. All forms of communication within the company or with customers are covered.

The benefits you will get

All communications via a unified interface.

100% reliability and availability.

The possibility to collaborate from the office, from home, or while travelling.

Internal data is safe thanks to end-to-end encrypting.

Efficiency, which saves costs

The solution increases productivity and reduces costs at the same time. You do not have to pay for various applications for different means of communication and thanks to network communication, you will save on voice services too.

The benefits you will get

Voice transmission via VoIP means reducing costs for telco services.

An always up-to-date overview of consumption and utilisation is part of the solution.

All communication channels under one roof, saving administrative costs.

Time relief for internal IT thanks to maintenance being part of the solution.

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We will find solutions to support your strategic goals and achieve your vision.

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Case studies

Understanding your needs, we design suitable solutions, bring them into life, and support you throughout the whole time of their being in use.

HOUR has improved customer satisfaction by increasing availability
“Today, we know how to optimise processes in order to secure client support as efficiently as possible, without impacting quality,” says a representative of the company.
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BVS handles almost 10,000 calls
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Dôvera manages 350,000 calls a year
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Without partners, it would not be possible

We choose our technology partners carefully. If they meet our strict criteria, we build long-term relationships with them to bring benefits to you.